Benefits of Healthy Hair with Biotin

For the longest time, I took having good hair for granted as my hair without any additional care was naturally thick and strong, dark and shiny, and grew considerably fast. But in these past few years, I’ve experienced a sudden change in my hair. After I started dyeing it regularly, taking powerful acne medication, and moved to an area with a different water supply, I noticed that it took a toll on my strands. My once-strong and shiny hair were now dull and a little frizzy. I could see my hair piling up in the bristles of my hairbrush every time I brushed them. My locks used to look crazy dry, yet my roots were totally oil slick.

After a few months, it started to seem like I was going to lose all my hair. So, to avoid my nightmare turning into reality I started prioritizing my hair in my beauty routine. As I was naive, I relied completely on the web and did a little research. The first alternative that caught my eye was biotin and it worked fantastically well for me. So, if you are facing hair balding or frizziness rely on my research.

What is Biotin?


Biotin (also known as vitamin H) is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy. The word “biotin” comes from the ancient Greek word “biotos,” which means “sustenance” or “life.” B vitamins, and specifically biotin, help in keeping your skin, hair, eyes, liver, and entire nervous system healthy. It is also a very crucial nutrient during pregnancy for embryonic growth.

Most people get the biotin they need from eating healthy biotin rich food. There have been many claims that consuming biotin or using biotin-rich products can regulate blood sugar, promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, and help pregnant ladies have healthier babies.

For hair related issues Biotin products and supplements are extremely beneficial. They promote hair growth, thicken up your hair and provide a considerable volume to them.

Why Does Hair Shed?


In order to properly treat your shedding hair, it is extremely crucial to understand all of the culprits that could be driving this change. There are more possibilities for hair damage than you might think.

Healthy hair undergoes three different stages during the life cycle. It includes a growing stage (that can last for years), short preparation stage, and a few months of resting. When the resting stage comes to an end, hair sheds normally and the cycle repeats itself after several months.

The second and one of the most common causes of excess hair shedding is stress, especially in younger women. This is exactly why women today seem to lose their hair before the age of 30. But there have been instances where women argue that their stress levels are relatively lower so I am highlighting that stress is not the sole factor causing hair shedding.

Another common cause includes hormonal imbalances (birth control use, pregnancy, menopause, or PCOD) that are caused due to extreme dieting, thyroid dysfunction, anemia, and certain vitamin deficiencies.

Genetics and auto-immune diseases can also be a cause for hair loss and thinning. You can also lose your hair if you use excess heat on your hair or regularly use chemicals.

Why is Biotin so Popular?


Biotin has gained its popularity for over a decade because of its scientifically proven benefits to health, hair nails, and the entire nervous system.

Health Benefits


Biotin is an essential vitamin. It means that your body needs this micronutrient to function smoothly. The biotin you consume in foods helps your body to churn that food (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) into energy.

Using biotin-rich products is very effective for treating biotin deficiency if any otherwise you can use it as a preventive measure.

Hair Growth


So does biotin products make your hair grow faster or fuller? Yes, the personal experience of people using these products suggests that shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, masks, or creams containing biotin can thicken hair, increase fullness, and add noticeable shine.

Other Benefits


Other possible benefits of biotin include the treatment of brittle finger or toenails. It stabilizes diabetes and diabetic nerve pain and provides Muscular sclerosis.

How to Use Biotin?


As someone who has a hard time swallowing pills, I couldn’t rely on supplements. Therefore, I have started consuming a biotin-rich diet which includes egg yolk, spinach, white mushrooms, oats, and wheat grains. Simultaneously after changing my diet I also started using products that include biotin. While looking for such products I came across a brand called ‘Herbs and Healthy’ that renders shampoo, conditioners, style spray, etc for treating hair deficiency. I am listing the products with their advantages below so you can go check them out and buy them for yourself.


  • Full volume shampoo, conditioner, and style spray with lavender and biotin:

This product of Herbs and Healthy has three components Full Volume Shampoo, conditioner, and style spray. As the product has lavender it gently refreshes and stimulates follicles and circulation. The product includes Biotin B-complex which infuse essential protein that can give you thicker and fuller strands. It will also improve the strength, texture, and manageability for providing maximum volume and silky sheen hair. These products are created using Fruit Stem Cell Science which improves hair follicle longevity and vitality giving you healthy hair from root to tip. Herbs and Healthy products are non-GMO, cruelty-Free, gluten-Free, vegan, and 100% sulfate-free, and Color Safe.


  • Thickening shampoo and conditioner with biotin B-complex therapy.

Avalon Organics’ carefully balanced blend of biotin, saw palmetto, quinoa protein, and vitamin E work in harmony to help the thinning hair gain strength. It stimulates the scalp to encourage hair growth by cleansing and nourishing hair from the follicle through the entire shaft. After only a few uses you can see your hair getting thicker and softer with an added volume.


  • Healthy Hair with Biotin 10000 Plus, vegetarian capsules.

If you are looking for vegetarian biotin capsules this product is your savior. These capsules are easy to consume and don’t pose any threats or side-effects.

Source:- Benefits of Healthy Hair with Biotin

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